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Software by Andrew Trevorrow

OzTeX on OS X

OzTeX is a Carbon app that runs natively on OS X. (It also runs on OS 8.6 and 9.x if CarbonLib 1.3 or later is installed.) Here's a summary of the main advantages of using OzTeX on OS X:
  • OzTeX can call arbitrary Unix commands and display the output in the OzTeX window. If you have teTeX and Ghostscript installed then you can run lots of useful programs like pdftex, ps2pdf, etc. You can also add items to the Tools menu to provide quick and easy access to your favorite Unix commands.
  • The DVI previewer can display PICT-less EPS files (by calling Ghostscript).
  • If you're using OS 10.3 or later then PostScript printing is possible on a non-PostScript printer. (Note that low-level PostScript printing is only supported on OS X. If you use a PostScript printer on OS 8/9 then you have to tick the "Use Standard PostScript" option.)
  • Symbolic links can be used anywhere in a given path, not just for the ending file as is currently the case with aliases.
  • Memory management is much simpler on OS X. If you have to increase a TeX parameter then there's no need to increase OzTeX's preferred memory size.

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