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Software by Andrew Trevorrow

PLEASE NOTE:  I've retired from the shareware business. The good news is that all of the following programs are now freeware; the bad news is that I'm unlikely to do any further work on them. However, I do hope to continue writing free, cross-platform software in my spare time (see Golly and Ready and Ag).

OzTeX is a Mac implementation of the TeX typesetting system.
Anagrams is a fast and friendly anagram generator. David Pogue wrote in Macworld: "Meet the new champion".
Alchemy is a nifty little program for finding word ladders. It can turn LEAD into GOLD, literally!
LifeLab is a software laboratory for exploring John Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata.
Googolator is a small, fast, arbitrary-precision calculator for people who can't afford Mathematica.
Odd Jobs is a collection of powerful file-processing tasks. Named after Steve's not so well-known twin brother. :-)

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