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Shareware by Andrew Trevorrow

Anagrams Hall of Fame

Here are some of my favorite anagrams discovered using Anagrams. (Send me your favorites and I'll be happy to include them.)

Mac applications:
ResEdit = SEE DIRT
SimpleText = LIMP SEXTET
SuperPaint = PUREST PAIN
PowerPoint = WINTER POOP
MicroSoft Word = SWIM FOR DOCTOR
Adobe Illustrator = ALAS TORTURED BOIL
Barcelona = REAL BACON
Amsterdam = SMART DAME
Melbourne = NOBLER EMU
Los Angeles = LEGAL NOSES
Blade Runner = NEBULAR NERD
The Graduate = EAT DAUGHTER
The Maltese Falcon = CHAFE STOLEN METAL
Monsieur Hulot's Holiday = SILENT HUMOR IS A HOLY DUO
Movie stars:
Tom Cruise = MOIST CURE
Mel Gibson = BIG LEMONS
Sean Connery = ANNOY SCREEN
Sharon Stone = HONEST ARSON
Nicole Kidman = OLD CINEMA INK
Sylvester Stallone = SNOTTY SLAVE SELLER
Famous scientists/mathematicians:
Alan Turing = LUNAR GIANT
Isaac Newton = WAN CANOEIST
Pierre de Fermat = PREFER DIAMETER
Douglas Hofstadter = GOD OF RUTHLESS DATA
SF authors:
Kurt Vonnegut = TURK VET ON GNU
Olaf Stapledon = PLEASANT FLOOD
William Gibson = BIG WOMAN IS ILL
Cordwainer Smith = SHREWD MORTICIAN
Theodore Sturgeon = GENEROUS RED TOOTH
Australian authors:
Helen Garner = HEN ENLARGER
Henry Lawson = NYLON WASHER
Peter Corris = EPIC TERRORS
David Malouf = AVOID MAD FLU
Barry Dickens = CRANKY BRIDES
Patrick White = THICK WART PIE
Australian politicians:
Peter Reith = RIPER TEETH
Tim Fischer = FIRM ETHICS
Barry Jones = BARREN JOYS
Gareth Evans = NEVER AGHAST
Peter Costello = PRESELECT TOOL
Bronwyn Bishop = BORN BY OWN HIPS
Laurie Brereton = EERIE LABOR RUNT
Alexander Downer = DROWN AN EX LEADER
Australian cricketers:
Steve Waugh = WE HAVE GUTS
Paul Reiffel = FIRE UP FELLA
Ricky Ponting = KRYPTON ICING
Michael Bevan = CAN HEAVE LIMB
Adam Gilchrist = DIGITAL CHARMS
Michael Slater = A SMALL HERETIC
Footballers (Aussie Rules of course):
Tony Modra = MY TORNADO
Gary Ablett = GAY BATTLER
Peter Matera = RARE PET MEAT
Craig Lambert = TRAGIC AMBLER
Nathan Buckley = A BLANK CHUTNEY
Tony Liberatore = TINY TOOL BEARER
From David Johnson:
Ted Turner = Utter nerd
Billy Graham = Big rally ham
Howard Stern = He drowns art
George Bush Junior = Go Bush! Injure Gore!
From Angela Brett:
iMac Special Edition = Antisocial epidemic
Stephen Wozniak = Zenith peaks now
From Michael Fischer:
Drew Barrymore = MERRY WARDROBE
North America = MACHO TERRAIN
Boris Yeltsin = NOISY BLISTER
Dormitory = DIRTY ROOM
From Graham Harrison:
Alec Guinness = genuine class
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