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Software by Andrew Trevorrow


Some of my favorite sites, grouped under the following categories:

Mac resources
Mac programming
Windows programming
Life and other cellular automata
Words, words, words
Puzzles and games
Friends and rellies

Please let me know if you find any bad links, or if there are any good sites you can recommend.


Kagi -- Highly recommended if you are serious about selling your software.
Freeverse Software -- Makers of great games, but I'm biased.
Info-Mac HyperArchive
The Info-Mac Archive Home Page
SAX - Shareware Author Index
MacDirectory Software
Successful Shareware -- Excellent article by Rick Holzgrafe.
Sig Software - About Shareware

Macintosh resources

VersionTracker -- Look here for the latest software updates.
Welcome to My Mac Online
Google Macintosh Search
Apple Computer Australia
Apple - Macintosh Products Guide
The Macintosh Gamer's Ledge
Macs Only!
Connectix -- Creators of Virtual PC.

Macintosh programming

Apple Sample Code
develop Archives
Apple Developer Documentation
MacTech Magazine
p1 Modula-2 -- I use this Modula-2 compiler for all my Mac software.
Pascal Central -- A great resource.
Peter Lewis -- author of Anarchie (Interarchy).
Thomas Tempelmann
Lawrence D'Oliveiro's Home Page

Windows programming

MSDN Online
Windows Documentation
EggBird's nest -- Another Modula-2 fan.
Jordan Russell's Software


TeX Users Group -- Excellent site.
TeX/LaTeX software for the Mac -- Also a great site for Mac TeXnicians.
Donald Knuth's home page
Tom Rokicki's home page -- Tom is the author of dvips.
The TeX Catalogue Online
AMS list of TeX references
Text processing with TeX
The LaTeX Project
(La)TeX Navigator -- a (La)TeX encyclopaedia
TOM Server: Document Conversion
Blue Sky Research
CMacTeX Home Page
TeX2HTML - Converting TeX to HTML
BibTeX for the Mac
MacGS ftp site
Excalibur and MakeIndex ftp site
Australian CTAN mirror

Life and other cellular automata

Golly -- an open source, cross-platform Life/CA app.
Alan Hensel's Life page -- a lovely Java Life program.
David Griffeath's Primordial Soup Kitchen
Dean Hickerson's Life page
David Eppstein's Life page
Paul Callahan's Life page
Jason Summers' Life page
Stephen Silver's Life page
Mark Niemiec's Life page
Robert T. Wainwright's Life page
David Bell's Homepage

Words, words, words

The Anagrammy Awards -- An excellent site.
Scrabble FAQ
Graham Toal's word games FAQ
Mark's Scrabble stuff
DOoM Home Page
Grendel's page (WORDY etc)
Wordlists home page
A Web of Online Dictionaries
FTP directory for Gutenberg
WordWeb thesaurus and dictionary
Kevin Cowtan's Scrabble Challenge
Word Ladders

Puzzles and games

Thinks.com -- Fun and games for playful brains.
Word Ladders
Cyberlife Research
Chaos Park
Nick's Sliding Block Puzzles
Puzzle World
Scott Kim, Puzzle Master

Friends and rellies

Earth Bytes -- My late wife, Shanti Rajagopalan, was a geophysicist.
Janaki -- Our daughter.


Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science -- A fantastic resource.
Motion Mountain -- Christoph Schiller's free physics textbook.
SETI@home -- Help search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Global Weather -- Satellite infrared pictures from NASA.
Skeptical Inquirer
Clifford Pickover's Home Page
The Postmodernism Generator
Earth Sanctuaries
pair Networks -- My web site host (reliable and cheap).
pairNIC -- My domain name registrar.
Netspace -- An excellent Australian ISP.

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