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Software by Andrew Trevorrow

Latest news and updates


May 2011

  • In May last year my dear wife Shanti passed away. Thanks to her foresight, I've been able to retire from writing shareware and concentrate on looking after our daughter Janaki. I plan to continue writing software in my spare time, but it's likely to be free and cross-platform (see Golly).

July 2006

  • The last year has been a lot of fun. Apple's decision to move to Intel was the final spur that persuaded me to dump my old development system (p1 Modula-2 under MPW) and re-tool. I decided I wanted to use open source tools as much as possible, and to write software for all the major platforms. So for the last year I've been delving into the mysteries of C++, gcc, Makefiles, CVS, wxWidgets, Python, etc. I've been learning all this stuff by helping to write Golly.

    I also lashed out and bought myself a MacBook Pro. An Intel Mac with Parallels Desktop is a fantastic environment for cross-platform development. In a few seconds I can switch from Mac OS X to Windows XP to Debian Linux. It's just so nice to be able to build, run and test different versions of a cross-platform app all on the one machine.

March 2005

  • Released version 4.4 of LifeLab. This is the last version that runs on OS 8/9.

August 2004

June 2004

  • Freeverse have released version 1.0 of Squabble, a fast and frantic game of word making and word taking.

  • Released version 4.3 of LifeLab which fixes a nasty bug on Panther.

March 2004

  • The Mac versions of X-Words and CrossCards are now available from Apple stores and other retail outlets. Look for this box:
    X-Words box

December 2003

  • The Mac versions of X-Words and CrossCards can now be played over the Internet or a local network. If you'd like a game, look out for me when you connect to GameSmith (my account name is Andy).

November 2003

  • Fixed a couple of problems with OzTeX on Panther. See the Panther-related questions in the OzTeX FAQ.

June 2003

January 2003

August 2002

  • Released version 4.0 of LifeLab. Carbonized for OS X, plus lots of new features. Visit the new LifeLab Gallery.

April 2002

March 2002

September 2001

  • Thanks to Enzo Borri there is now an Italian word list (with 91,000 words) available to registered Anagrams users on request.

July 2001

  • For the last few months I've been busy Carbonizing my Mac apps so they'll run natively on OS X. Freeverse recently announced the new versions of X-Words and CrossCards.

January 2001

October 2000

September 2000

  • Released version 1.0 of Alchemy.

  • Major overhaul of web site (switched to sans serif font, added a contents box to each page, created new pages for news, links, download and purchase info). Please let me know if you see any problems in your browser.

June 2000

May 2000

December 1999

  • Version 0.0 of Janaki arrived!

September 1999

  • Released version 4.0 of OzTeX and the first version of the OzTeX CD.
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