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Software by Andrew Trevorrow

Recent changes to OzTeX

Here's a summary of the most important changes in recent versions. (OzTeX's Help menu provides full details on all changes, including those in older versions.)

Changes in OzTeX 6.0

  • The Oz* apps only run on Intel Macs and require Mac OS 10.4 or later. TeX runs should be 3 to 4 times faster.
  • If you have any custom-built *.fmt/base/mem files you will need to rebuild them with the new Intel apps. The new apps cannot load fmt/base/mem files created by the old PowerPC apps. If you try you'll get a message like "Fatal format file error". Similarly, the old apps can't load fmt/base/mem files created by the new apps. Such files are essentially memory dumps with the same byte order as the app used to create them.
  • Fixed a bug in the Edit > Color... dialog that prevented users from changing any colors.

Changes in OzTeX 5.2

  • A number of parameters in OzTeX's Default config file have been changed to match Gerben Wierda's latest teTeX installation.
  • The oz-tex2pdf script (called by the tex2pdf item) has been modified so it will run latex on files that have "%&latex" as their first line.
  • If the item name in an extra_tools entry matches an existing item then the earlier entry is replaced (instead of a new item being appended). This makes it easy to replace one or more Default items.
  • Selecting a user-defined Tools menu item no longer closes the View window.
  • Fixed a Panther bug that caused some people to see a dramatic slowdown when viewing a DVI page containing PK fonts.
  • On Panther and later, the "Force PostScript Printing" item is always ticked and the item is disabled so you can't change it. I've done this because Gimp-Print comes with Panther and it allows PostScript to be printed on non-PostScript devices.
  • Fixed a Panther problem in all Oz* apps that prevented windows from being dragged up next to the menu bar.
  • Avoid high CPU usage when the mouse button is down but not actually moving. This occurred when clicking to magnify a DVI page, or when selecting and scrolling text in an Oz* window.

Changes in OzTeX 5.1

  • All Oz* apps now allow Unix-style paths in config files and TeX/MF/MP input files. Symbolic links on OS X are supported and any part of a given Mac or Unix path can be a link (not just the ending file, as is currently the case with aliases).
  • The "Use texmf tree" config file in TeX/Configs/ has been updated to match the tree structure in Gerben Wierda's latest teTeX distribution. It now uses Unix paths and doesn't require any changes to work on OS X.
  • The Oz* apps use a more reliable strategy to find other applications.
  • OzTeX on OS 10.2 or later allows you to send PostScript output to a non-PostScript printer.
  • OzTeX on OS X can preview included EPS files that don't have a PICT 256 resource, such as those generated by MetaPost.
  • When previewing a DVI file on OS X, OzTeX uses smarter code to improve the display of outline (non-PK) fonts. You can also adjust the darkness of outline fonts and PK fonts separately.
  • OzTeX now checks for both hidden and non-hidden versions of a requested screen font name so that config files like "Add CM/PS Fonts" will work regardless of whether you've installed the hidden or non-hidden fonts.
  • The previewer now supports "src:<line><file>" \special commands. If you control-click anywhere in the view window then OzTeX looks for the nearest src \special and, if found, tells your preferred text editor to select the specified line in the given file (normally your .tex file).
  • OzTeX recognizes when a currently viewed DVI file has been changed (by another application) and will automatically update the display.
  • Added support for live scrolling and proportional thumb boxes in all windows.
  • Windows in their maximized state are dock-aware on OS X.
  • Fixed a bug that created zombie processes on OS X.
  • Fixed a nasty bug on OS X that could cause the contents of a .tex file to be clobbered and replaced by the .log info.
  • Fixed a problem on OS X that could cause PICT images in some eps files to appear black.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some tools (like GFtoPK in OzMF) from opening files on a volume with 8-bit characters in its name.

Changes in OzTeX 5.0

  • All the Oz* apps have been Carbonized to run natively on OS X.
  • If OzTeX is running on OS X then it can call arbitrary Unix commands and display the results in the OzTeX window. If you have teTeX and Ghostscript installed then you can run lots of useful programs not provided in OzTeX (pdftex, ps2pdf, etc).
  • The extra_tools parameter can add Unix commands to the Tools menu.
  • All programs that read text files can handle Mac or Unix line endings.
  • Search path parameters allow subfolder expansion to any depth.
  • OzTeX can be told to carry out an arbitrary sequence of tasks when a TeX/DVI/PostScript file is dropped onto the OzTeX icon.
  • Low-level PostScript printing is not supported on OS 8/9.
  • The latest releases of LaTeX, REVTeX and AMS-TeX are included.

Changes in OzTeX 4.1

NOTE: This is the last Classic version that runs on Mac systems prior to 8.6 (as far back as System 6 and probably even earlier).

  • Added an "Auto Detect Format" option to the TeX menu.
  • Updated dvips to version 5.86d based on the latest dvips(k) source code. This version has new code for partial font downloading that prevents the crashes some people have reported with certain fonts.
  • Fixed a bug that restricted paths for TFM/VF/PK files to 64 characters; they can now be 128 characters like all other paths.
  • You can now use "current_app = Oz*" in a config file to enable all Oz* apps.
  • All Oz* apps support the new parameters config_folders and help_folders so you can keep your own config/help files anywhere you like.
  • You can now ask OzTeX/OzMF/OzMP to look for format/base/mem files in more than one folder using format_folders (for OzTeX), base_folders (for OzMF) and mem_folders (for OzMP).
  • The extra_tools parameter lets you append new items to OzTeX's Tools menu to provide quick and easy access to other apps.
  • AFM2TFM in OzMF now uses the ps_folders parameter to search for a given encoding file (after first looking in the same folder as the .afm file).
  • The Oz* windows use a different scrolling method that results in faster TeX/MF/MP/TtH runs when there is a lot of output. A new "Color..." item in the Edit menu lets you set the colors used in these windows. The windows also support double-click selection.
  • The various Show items in the Config menu now display their results much faster, and when done the top line is visible (not the bottom line). Ditto for the Page Info item in OzTeX's View menu.
  • Untick the new "Show Paths" flag in OzTeX's File menu if you prefer to see short file names in the submenus for recent TeX/DVI/PostScript files. Duplicate file names will be followed by their folder paths.
  • You can now remove ALL recent files from a submenu by holding down the shift AND command keys before selecting any item. To remove a single item you only need to hold down the command key; there's no longer any need to hold down the option key as well.

Changes in OzTeX 4.0

  • The folder structure has undergone a major overhaul. The result is an OzTeX folder that is simpler, more consistent and much less cluttered. The new structure should have very little impact on existing OzTeX users because there are also new configuration file features that make it easy to customize the OzTeX system without making a SINGLE change to any of the distributed folders.
  • The new Extras folder has all the peripheral stuff, mostly contributions from other people. It contains the latest versions of AlphaLite, BibTeX, Excalibur and MakeIndex, as well as all support files for the Y&Y fonts.
  • The Extras folder also contains Odd Jobs, my latest shareware offering. This utility can perform many useful file-processing tasks.
  • OzTeX's Default config file now uses big values for all TeX parameters. Some TeX parameters have had their upper limits increased. All formats have been rebuilt and OzTeX's preferred memory size is now 3500K.
  • Most previewing shortcuts can now be performed using the mouse.
  • LaTeX has been updated to the latest release (1999/06/01 patch level 1). The EC fonts are also included.
  • Added OzTtH, a Mac port of Ian Hutchinson's TeX to HTML translator.
  • OzTeX can remember recent TeX/DVI/PostScript files. New submenus let you select any of these files.
  • OzTeX's Tools menu has new items that provide quick access to OzTtH, BibTeX, MakeIndex, MacGS and Distiller. System 7 or later is required.
  • All Oz* apps create text files using a creator code specified by a new text_editor parameter.
  • All the major tools and applications (dvips, Metafont, MetaPost, etc) have been updated to the latest versions.

* * *